27 February 2017

Singapore got sea turtles!

Last weekend, Serin Subaraj saw 6-7 Green and Hawksbill sea turtles off Pulau Semakau!

While Richard Lim shared seeing a sea turtle off Pulau Ubin!

26 February 2017

Wild fun for kids during the March school holidays!

Exciting nature activities specially for kids are lined up for the coming school holidays! Lots of fun ways to discover and enjoy Singapore's biodiversity! Many are free.
Kids at Pulau Ubin Jetty
Kids at Ubin Jetty.
Explore our threatened forests of MacRitchie, volunteer with the whole family at Ubin or explore Chek Jawa, come for a water carnival at Kallang Riverside Park, go for nature camps at Sungei Buloh or Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, join nature story-telling or guided walks specially for kids. And lots more!

25 February 2017

First Naked walk at Chek Jawa in 2017

I had a lovely day out for the first free monthly guided walk at Chek Jawa for 2017 by the Naked Hermit Crabs.
Monthly free guided walk at Chek Jawa with the Naked Hermit Crabs
It's great to visit Chek Jawa at high tide! Otters were spotted from the Jejawi tower! Alas, I saw a large barge and workboat parked on Chek Jawa and small boats speeding through Chek Jawa waters.

20 February 2017

Sisters Islands Marine Park in Parliament, what's next?

After Sisters Island, perhaps Chek Jawa, Sungei Buloh? For the first time, NParks was given jurisdiction over intertidal and subtidal areas at the Sisters Islands Marine Park!
The Sisters Islands Marine Park include waters around
the two Sisters' Islands, and western shores of
Pulau Tekukor and St. John's Island.
I celebrate this milestone, and hope the same can be extended at Nature Reserves such as Sungei Buloh and Labrador and important marine areas like Chek Jawa.

I am also heartened by Minister Desmond Lee's support to start close consultations with stakeholders on the future of our marine biodiversity.
Some of the volunteer guides and supporters of the Marine Park.
Photo by Richard Kuah.
If you love Singapore's shores, here's a chance to step up, speak up and make a difference!

13 February 2017

High on Big Sisters Island

An evening survey of Big Sisters Island, now part of the Sisters' Islands Marine Park.
Little Sisters Island from Big Sisters Island Jetty
Alas, the tidal predictions were way off and the waters didn't receed. It was also very windy, making photo taking a challenge. But I had a glimpse of some corals and marine life.

12 February 2017

Cyrene: seagrasses back, but no knobblies?

We're back on Cyrene Reef in glorious weather. It must have been drizzling or raining in the distance, because we saw a lovely rainbow!
Rainbow over Cyrene Reef
It was great to see the seagrasses coming back in the deep pool. But worrying that none of us saw the mass gathering of large Knobbly sea stars that Cyrene is well known for.


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